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Learning to

Check-in On


tRuly    ARE!



'Everyone wants to know that they are

important, heard and matter.' - Oprah

What if...



What if we begin to encourage children early on to 'check-in with life' by asking themselves:


'What's makes me tick?

What makes my heart sing?

What do I see myself doing?

What are my dreams telling me?

What does it feel like inside to me?

How do I get there?'

Because it's true.


Knowing is the tool that lays the platform for the story of my life?


Knowing that my positive thoughts draw more positive energy to me


Knowing that my negative thoughts draw more negative energy to me


And that both are moving fast and playing the major role in the story of my life and the conscious path of human destiny. Because it's true.

Knowing that?



For many who are still unaware of this truth, it explains why they still experience a world of turmoil and confusion achoring their days. They have yet to open their eyes and hearts to all of the 1,000's of positive changes unfolding right before their very eyes.

Positive change occurs when we focus on the love, harmony and order of what
is right - rather than complaining and contributing to the chaos and fear

associated with what is wrong.


Think It Up! assures children that they are important and matter! It takes their focus to everything maginificent which they are and have the power inside to discover, create and do.

Progress Awakens

Bright New Minds

Endless Possibilities!






Awaken to the power, codes, clues,

and messages your heart

receives just for you!






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