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1. What is the age range of Think It UP! readers?


Think It UP! readers generally range from about 3-13 years old. The concepts are so clear that they have resonated with children as young as three and often inspiring mentors, coaches and parents own personal lives, too.

2. Do you offer discounts for groups and organizations?


Yes, we offer bulk pricing discounts. Please inquire to,

and we would love to help.


3. Will my child relate with the photos inside of the book?


The photos in Think It UP! were thoughtfully selected. They include a broad

range of ethnicities, activities, personalities and vibrational colors.


4. Are you affiliated with any organization or group?


No. Think It UP! is universally inclusive and has been acclaimed by people with a wide variety of realities, backgrounds and personal beliefs.

5. I have a son and a daughter. Can I order one copy for them to share?


Yes! The messages in the boy and girl Think It UP! versions are parallel. However, we

have found that in today's world how much children love to engage in settings that

relate well with 'who they are' - and where they can feel at ease.


Think It Up!'s one-on-one messages are thought provoking and relate with

everyone's realities. Whether children share or read their own copies, your son

and daughter will discover the same parallel empowering concepts versions.





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