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'I really enjoy your site and plan to use the resources for my class. Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement for our children.'


Pat -Youth Service Coordinator

It's fun to experience life's magic! Yet, maybe the closest you've allowed life's magical energy to enter your life was by observing a birth, beautiful sunset or listening to a genius musician.


All over the world today, people are waking up and experiencing life's new dimensions and new magical synchronicities. But how? They become present (mindful) to feelings and thrills that align and reveal life on the outside - with the modern core of who they truly are inside.


Some people still take the time to explain their magic away by searching for an outer logic that consigns it only to the selected few and history. They simply squeeze their life blessings and magic right out of their own experiences and world.


BUT the revelation today is that it does not stay away long! Every now and then it breaks thru to confront all of us with it's amazing miracles.


Oh yes, anyone can continue trying to explain it away if you give them enough time. But the fact remains that we are all born thru life's magic, as spiritual beings. And in the deepest corner of our consciousness our Spirits are continually weaving life's special kind of magic through our lives.


When Spirits speak, even the hardest of hearts crack wide open to reveal the core of love which have shined within all along.


When Spirits speak, barriers dissolve and a spectacular peace breaks out against all the odds.


When the Spirit speaks, no one needs a reason to understand anymore. For in just a single moment, we remember, that healing rests upon knowing, and transformation presents life experiences far beyond our wildest dreams.


And that is the magnificent invisible optimistic enegy, we love to embrace, share and talk about!






'Kaethe Kelly is a very positive person who is passionate about her mission.'


Diane Wooldridge Owner Soft Toy Designs

'Please let me know of the many ripples in the world this will make and blessings it brings. Thank you so much for your courage and creativity that brings these thoughts into tangible, colorful, beautiful reality!'


Nancy Scott

Graphic Design


'Kaethe Kelly is a visionary. She's connected to what matters in life and has a way of communicating what she sees to the world...


Corey Wolfe

Corey Wolfe Illustration



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