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Think It UP! Shows Children How to Make Fear their Friend, Navigate Emotions... and Thrive!






Fresh and Positive Means and Tools


Think It Up! enlightening books put students on the path of awareness, confidence and joy. They center around the personal energy and emotions that transform fears into mindful understanding and love.


Think It Up!'s calibration of brilliant colors and images exude magical vibrations that uplift one's spirit and form enthusiastic relationships with God.


For generations humanity has longed for ways to hold on to and recreate the joyful moments that make us feel important, loved and secure.


Before long, we began to waver from our inner truths, creative thoughts and ideas to attune to a world of false victimizations. Saddened by unworthy thoughts we numbed our hearts, dimmed our lights and formed unrealistic goals of perfection and fearful what-if's that robbed us of our very own confidence and individual powers to fly.








'At a time when so many adults are in search of ways to empower themselves and one another, far too many bright children remain unprepared as they step-out into out-dated systems and a wobbled world.


Think It Up! timely books bring with them refreshing concepts and positive mind-fuel to help students navigate thru their own emotional situations, with confident spirits and 'a zest for life' leading the way. 






Unconsciously, every tainted perception effects our personal values and hinder the very thoughts that shape our lives.


Today, teachers, parents and society are engaged with far too many precious children who feel completely hopeless, embarrased and 'like just quitting' - as they foresee no way out.


Fortunately... humanity is 'WAKING UP' to the revelation of life, who we are, and keys to the self-actualized power we have inside to be and do.










'It's exciting to discover enlivened material that  nurtures young minds with such wisdom and compassion. Think It Up! helps students be present and balance the workings of healthy emotions.


Chapters deliver perspectives which are fun and easy to relate with and grasp. Think It Up! shares 'how to' ways for boys and girls to think positive, dream big and focus on the greatness they bring to the world.'

TaraLynn Majeska

Inspiring Author,

School Teacher,

and Parent 



'The more we equip students with the means to strengthen themselves from within; the more they can and will, focus on the unlimited possibilities that exist within themselves and the universe.


These prodigious books are the spark to mobilize young Spirits and mentors to create new ways of being present in the classroom, homes and world... ultimately a benefit to all.'



Energy. Thoughts. Love.

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