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Awaken to New Parenting Roles

About six years ago my parenting role took on an unexpected twist when my oldest daughter (age 7 at the time) shared with me that she sees, hears and communicates with Angels on a regular basis. Curious, I decided to open my mind and heart to what she was trying to share with me.

As I listened, I was in awe at the wisdom that poured out of her little voice. I couldn't help but become active in researching where such profound wisdom of healing, humanity and love where coming from. With my own reawakening at hand, I discovered a new flow of Highly Evolved Children arriving to earth at this time.

Since then I have made it a full time job to discover where these children are arriving from, and what they have come to do.

I have learned that like my children, there are 88888's in full consciousness now all over the world. They birth in waves of new planetary energy to help humanity and the earth evolve. Many are fully conscious, already knowing their missions, and the complex structure and science of the master blueprint evolving our species and the world. In addition they are patiently helping to educate parents, and learn more about new DNA and roles.

Although I am not an expert with a title, I am certainly a parent with many valuable insights to share. My day-to-day life is immersed with not one, but four of these highly evolved and magical children.

Along with the many joys they bring, there are many challenges and adjustments we face at home, and in the outside world.

I know there are many other families doing the same. I believe that together we can together reach for the courage to accept and understand the needs of these children, with ease and grace! Rather than resist the unique differences and gifts they embody, we can embrace this beautiful journey of discovery, positive awakenings and enlightenment for all humanity, as one.

More than fifty percent (50%) of the children arriving now, bring with them powerful new spiritual energy and vibrational tones. Many speak telepathically and speak languages which until now, our civilization on earth has yet to know.

Living amongst their peaceful vibrations, I witness first hand the amount of courage it takes for them to step into a often chaotic world each day, too.

It is wise for all of us to become consciously aware of the magnificent planetary shifts occurring in our world. God has sent Christ Light through new should to help humanity evolve and create a bright new way. It is up to us now to create healthy space for them to express themselves and be nurtured properly, or we will miss the magnificent gifts they bring.

Let's celebrate and call forward into creation the children of the New World and one another, as well.

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