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From Teachers, Educators

and Peacemakers



'We have Shine Your Light in our classroom. The girls naturally navigate towards it. It's great! I'd love to offer this book in the bookstore so that parents and grandparents can purchase and share it with the wonderful children in their lives. Plus, I'd like more copies for my students as well.' Jeremy - Youth Mentor



'With the vibrational shift in the universe, we are hearing alot more on how children are connecting to another dimension; and are so open to it all. Your tools are a great match with my Individual Empowerment Project. I would like to highlight the work you are doing.' James - Whole Being Health



'Think It UP! books make it easy for children to relate and feel good about what is happening in and around them. It explains it all in a child's way, to understand  clearly and learn. Thank you for all you do for the children of the new world.' - Lynn Van Praagh, Spirit Communication



'We have a very active Youth Ministry and bookstore. We would like to incorporate Think It Up! books into our store and our programs.' - Cathy



'I really enjoy your site and plan to use the resources for my class. Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement for our children.' Pat - Youth Service Coordinator





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