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From Parents and Children


Think It Up!'s soulful content helps children develop trusting, playful and personal relationships with God 'first'. Lasting relationships to...


'Think It Up! is amazing. I loved the positive messages and

couldn't wait for our daughter to read it too. She loved it!

Right after she finished, she was so excited as she was telling me all about it - especially about the power zones. She talked about the animals and their power zones - I AM affirmation and that when you Think It Up, anything is possible. We had a great conversation. You've created an incredible book, one that every child should read and be inspired by.' - Monica



'We are into this! What a wonderful site. We are manifesting mamas who are all about teaching our children how to do the same and THRILLED to have found you.'  Jen - Mindful Moms



'I just finished reading your book with my son. He asked me if he could go on the computer to send ME a message and this is what I received.  'Everything is getting so magical lately in this house! P.S. I love you Mom.' - Nathalie Gatien - Quebec, CAN - Conscious Mother



'We received your books yeaaaah! I just want to take the time to thank you for having created them. They'll be so good for the kids that read them. All the teachers in the world, all the parents in the world and all the schools in the world should have these kind of books to teach all the kids in this World! You should have seen my brother, he was funny! Hi! Hi! Hi! He was screaming... MOM! Look! The book is saying things that you are telling us!' Selina  9, - The Angels Through the Eyes of a Child




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