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The magical joy of parenting is revealed when

we focus on 'what our children are, rather

than what they are not.'




uplift kids!

Conscious Parents in a New World

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“Create more of what you desire to experience with your children by focusing more on what they are instead of what they are not.” -Nathalie Gatien



By focusing on what you don’t want with your children, you just create more of that.


We open ourselves by far, to much greater experiences with our children when we decide to turn inward rather than trying to control what is happening in our outward experiences. There is tremendous empowerment when we realize and take full responsibility… that a child’s behavior is an image of mirroring what is happening inside of us. What this means is that if you don’t like what 'you' see... 'you' must change what you think about them throughout 'your' day.


You can do this by focusing 'your energy' on what you desire to manifest within your child, which then magically results in shifting what you don’t want into what you do want!


Write affirmations and repeat them for a minimum of  30 days and I am sure 'your reality' as a parent will automatically shift for the better wishing that you had started a long time ago with this practice. This is just how well this is working if you commit yourself to it seriously.


Here is a list of affirmations to get you thinking a little and started. You can add your own desires and intentions to it or just write your own set of affirmations from scratch.


Thank you God for my wonderful family.


I am so grateful and thankful to be a parent of such fine and wise children


I trust the divinity that is guiding my children on a daily basis


I welcome the teachings my children are here to bring me


I am so proud of the choices my children are making and I keep focusing on the good I am experiencing with them


I love each of my children and I am so grateful for the constant inspirations I receive of how to parent them to their true nature


Every day I get better and better at parenting my children


I get strong intuitions that help me to parent my children in loving ways always


I always forgive myself when I failed to be the best parent I could be for my children


Each of my children are a gift to my family and  the people they encounter


I believe in my children and I have great aspirations for each one of them because I love them so much


I ask the divine to help me find solutions when I encounter challenges concerning my children


I am an aware parent and I am supported at all times with all the help I need  from the Heaven realms


I choose not to do it alone and I welcome the help of my guides and my special guardian Angels on this journey of parenting


I welcome all the opportunities that come my way for parenting my children in a better way


I listen carefully to my children and what they voice frequently to me


I understand to be parenting in conscious way will mean to step out of my comfort zone at times and I do it with ease instead of resistance


I rejoice in the benefits I greatly gain each times I step out of my comfort zone as a parent


I say thank you to all the lessons my children are bringing to me frequently


I understand my children are mirroring who I am, so if I see something I don’t like in them I start by changing it in me.


Every day it just gets easier and easier for me at parenting my children in greater ways


I rejoice at all the improvements our family makes in wanting to live among each other in a harmonious way I love the daily wisdom’s lesson my children are bringing to me


I understand my children are the perfect chosen candidates to make me evolve to a higher state of awareness and I say thank you God


I choose to parent my children in a more conscious way and I benefit tremendously from this daily practice I let go of what other people may think about my conscious way of parenting my children


I learn to stop seeking for approvals when it comes to my personal parenting choices and decisions


I am my own best advocate when it comes to decide what is best for my children


I let go of old society beliefs that no longer serve our new generation of children


I am align to the purpose of my children


I follow my heart when it comes to what serves best my children


Each of my children be born with their own personal guides, passions and desires and I honor that


I understand that my parents way of parenting may no longer serve today’s new generation of children so I look for new innovative ways of parenting them that would respond better than the old ways


I welcome and embrace the awakening that my children bring into my life


I am grateful and thankful for all the gifts my children are bringing to me and the World


I change in me this old way of thinking “I am the adult here and I know so much more than you because  I arrived before you “ to “ Since they arrived recently from the Heaven realms , I trust  and believe they remember much more than me about the  divinity and powers that we are


I see my children with the same eyes God see them , absolutely  perfect as they are


I play an important role in supporting my children in becoming their greatest selves


I am here to help my children thrive to the best version and vision they have of themselves


I have all the energy and resources I need to be a great parent

Everyone in our family feels loved and honored


Each of my children feel heard and understood


Thank you God for supporting me to be the best parent I could be at this moment


Thank you God for my beautiful and AMAZING family


Using affirmations and intentions become a relationship-changer’s tool whenever I am experiencing crisis and  challenges  in my relationship with each of my children.


If I could leave the readers with one benefit about this amazing tool and whole process it would be the great expansion this experience offers afterwards when we finally release the resistance we first had about it.


Nathalie Gatien

Parent, Writer and Advocate for Today’s Highly Evolved Children

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